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Take some time to enjoy the rain.

The weather always change. It is not every single day that the sun shines, or snows, or rain. Sometimes, the weather could be dry. Sometimes there could be hails, sandstorm, dust storm, or other erratic or unusual weather. When these different unwanted weathers approach us, we normally don't welcome them, unless we are photographers, researchers, or simply, different from others. But we are not those people, and hence, we normally do not enjoy these weather conditions.

When we are traveling to a destination, we want the perfect weather. It could be snow, sunshine or rain for us. Different people have different wants. When we encounter a weather which we do not like, what is our first reaction? Many of us will dislike the change. We may get angry, and end up releasing the anger at someone. Of course, not all of us will do that, but we may become irritated easily. Take for example, rain. When we are traveling, we do not want it to rain, as it will disrupt our travel plans. What we forget, is that the is also beauty in rain. It may be something you dislike, but it is to someone else's liking. Why not take a step back and admire the beauty of the rain in the city or during your travels?

It is the same for our lives. Our lives are also like a journey. We are the travelers. Whatever we face in life are the weather and the roads. Sometimes you have good days, sometimes you have bad days. It is not the case that your days are always smooth without obstacles. When we encounter an obstacle, what will we do then? Most of the time, it hits us unexpectedly, and we waver. That is normal. We are human beings after all. We did not expect this to come suddenly. And we were not prepared for it. Many of us will want to quickly find a solution and be rid of the problem. However, sometimes we can't seem to overcome our obstacles or difficult situations. We are sometimes stuck at a problem so much that it is so painful for us. At this moment, we think "This is too much, I can't handle it", "why can't I solve this problem?", "This hurts so much", or "I just want to run away from my problems".

Maybe at this point, we needed a fresh perspective. I think that at this time, it may be good to stop, and be in the obstacle or problem, just like enjoying the rain. If we observe closely, we may find new things that only exist in the rain. The sounds of raindrops when it hits a surface can be inspirational, or soothing to us. Birds chirping to signal other birds to seek shelter, calmness in the thunder, seeing rainbows after the rain is over, animals that come out only after the rain, shades of reflection from puddles, and the coolness of the temperature are all beauty of rain. We need time and space to experience and enjoy it. It is the same for our problems. We need time and space to be with the problem. Stop and observe what the problem is, how is it affecting you, and if it is, why are you so affected by it? Feel the unpleasantness in it. Be with the pain it brings. You may find that there is another side to the problem which you may have not noticed before.

Sometimes, we just have to open our minds to see what a new world it could be with the obstacles in front of us. There is beauty in everything, even in challenges we face in life. Sometimes we need the courage and and support from someone to push us to face our challenges, because challenges could be unpleasant at times, and we do not want to face the unpleasantness alone. Sometimes all we need is to stop, and enjoy the rain.

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