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Movie Appreciation- Ilo Ilo

After a long hiatus, SFYAD organized its 3rd movie appreciation event on 11/18 after held in San Bao Temple. The event was advertised on several social media platforms and attracted 15 participants. The movie chosen for the appreciation is titled “Ilo Ilo”, where it narrates the dynamic and relationship between a troubled family and a domestic helper (maid) the family hired. After the movie, the participants shared their thoughts about the movie. The facilitators guided the discussion around 3 central topics (taking things for granted/showing appreciation, discipline and society, overcoming setbacks and failure). Through this discussion we were able to discover Humanistic Buddhism teachings such as: * 3 poisons * 5 precepts * 4 givings and their applications to not just the movie, but to our everyday lives. On showing appreciation, as we talked about how the California fires affected us, Ed shared that, wanting to thank the efforts of the rescue personnel, he took the opportunity to wave at a passing convoy of military vehicles heading towards the fires. His action also resulted in the driver behind him doing the same, possibly causing a chain of gratitude. Kee highlighted that while we suffer from bad air quality, this is pale in comparison to those whom have lost their homes and their loved ones. By being able empathize with the victims, we are showing compassion. Ceci also pointed out that she benefited from the haze as she does not need to put sunblock! By being able to change our mindsets and perspective, we can free ourselves from “sufferings” and bring greater joy to life!

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