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Northwestern YADs kick off Bi-weekly Interpreting Practice with “Abhidharma”

On Dec 13, Northwestern YAD (San Francisco + Vancouver) held its first interpreting practice session from 8.20 pm to 10.00 pm. 11 members attended the practice. They began the session by paying homage to Sakyamuni Buddha and reciting the Heart Sutra. Venerable Miao Zhong and Selene gave an overview of the interpreting project - where the plan is to train and certify interpreters globally.

Ben shared the Faxiang of the Day, Abhidharma (阿毗達摩), through the use of illustrations and emojis to help strengthen understanding of the term.

After that, the team recalled the methods and techniques from the interpreting workshop to help refresh everyone’s memory.

Using Venerable Yong Gu’s lecture on the Great Compassion Repentance Dharma Service, the focus was on (1) listening and memory skills for the remainder of the session. The team then practiced (2) interpreting the sentences spoken in the video; for both techniques, everyone took turns to share.

The group wrapped up the session with the recitation of the Buddha's Light Verses. Everybody had a fruitful and enjoyable evening practicing the skills they had learned during the workshop.

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