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Sun, Apr 25


Virtual Lunch and Eco Talk on 4/25!

Anyone interested to try out a new virtual hangout? We're experimenting with a virtual vegetarian lunch this Apr 25 to celebrate 🌎 day. seems more fun than zoom during our brief trial run, and doesn't need account signup.

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Virtual Lunch and Eco Talk on 4/25!
Virtual Lunch and Eco Talk on 4/25!

Time & Location

Apr 25, 2021, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM PDT

About the event

Embark on a 7 day eco challenge from April 15 - April 22, where you will take on various tasks and objectives, all of which to cultivate the practice of environmental and spiritual preservation.

On the day of the 25th, we will invite all of the challengers to come and share their experiences with the rest, and inspire everyone to continue on this journey into the future!

挑戰自我,通過多項挑戰連續7 天 (4/15 ~ 4/22) 實踐並落實生活環保。之後,我們懇請大家在4/25與其他善知識分享挑戰心得並啟發同道承擔環保與心保的大願!


  • Turn off lights and electronics when not in use(随手关灯、电子设备)
  • Stop charging electronics when battery is full(如果电池已满,停止继续充电)
  • Limit shower time to 15min(15分钟洗澡)
  • Reduce use of paper towels(节约用纸巾)
  • Consolidate your Amazon deliveries(合并亚马逊快件)
  • Go paperless with your bills(改用电子账单)
  • Donate old clothes or shoes(捐赠旧衣物鞋子)
  • Pick up litter around the neighborhood(捡拾小区垃圾)
  • Grow some plants(种植物)
  • Walk instead of drive(走路代替驾驶)
  • Make handicrafts with recyclable materials(用可回收材料做手工)
  • Switch to an eco-friendly brand or product(改用环保品牌或产品)
  • Go vegetarian(素食)
  • Go for plant-rich diet(多吃蔬菜)
  • Write environment related gratitude journal(写与环境有关的感恩日记)
  • Research and share an environment related topic(研究和分享与环境有关的话题)
  • 10min meditation (mind cleansing)(10分钟禅修)
  • 30min exercise (physical preservation)(30分钟运动)
  • Dedication of Merits before each meal (飯前念回向偈)
  • Chanting (誦經)


Challenge Period 挑戰日期: 4/15 - 4/22

Sharing Session 線上分享: 4/25 2.00PM - 3.30PM PST

Registration Deadline 報名截止日期: 4/14

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