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SFYAD Sponsorship Request Letter

Sponsorship Request Letter Structure



  • Who are you, when/how did you join SFYAD

  • Are you working/studying/both? Where and what do you do?

  • If you are an officer, what’s your role?

  • What is the maximum amount you can afford to pay out of your pocket for the air tickets? 

    • We will try our best to meet everyone’s needs. The less you put here, the less everyone else gets.

    • If you have no financial issues, please put N/A. We will still fairly evaluate your request base on your contribution/passion, while trying to meet everyone’s financial difficulties.


From Aug 2018 (For year 2019) to date:

  • What events have you participated/organized for Temple/BLIA/SFYAD? Please list out ALL events and your detailed contribution for each event.​

  • What are some other non-event related things that you have contributed to Temple/BLIA/SFYAD? (social media management, blog writing, etc.)

  • What are three things that you’ve learned about Buddhism?



  • If you’ve attended last year’s conference, what are the biggest takeaways?

  • In what ways are you committed to SFYAD’s growth between this and the next conference?

  • At least 500-word essay describing why you want to participate in the upcoming workshop/conferences that you have signed up(1 essay per event if you are joining more than 1 event)

  • At least 500-word essay describing your learnings and take-aways from the conferences and WE workshop (1 essay per event if you joined more than 1 event)

  • Proposals and actionable plans for SFYAD gained from the workshop and conferences


Letter of Recommendation Structure

  • Who are you and how long have you been at the temple?

  • What’s your role at the temple/BLIA?

  • How do you know this member?

  • Why do you think he/she should be sponsored for the trip?


Note: This can be a form of interview through audio or video recording

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