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Giving Back to the Community That Matters Most

SFYAD resumes their annual food bank volunteer event for the 8th year after two years of virtual events on October 22nd. 20 participants from San Francisco and Fremont BLIA Chapters and SFYAD came together to prepare grocery care packages for distribution to residents of the San Francisco community. From the warehouse, care packages are delivered by local volunteers to the homes of families who experience food insecurities in the San Francisco and Marin counties.

Pre-pandemic, the food bank provides grocery care packages to 250 seniors and people with disabilities in the SF community. Post-pandemic, that number soared to 11,000 households and continues to climb every day. During the short two hours that we occupied the warehouse, we assembled over 1,100 bags, equaling to over 26,000 pounds of produce, that gets hand delivered by volunteer delivery drivers every week. The food bank also has partnerships with Doordash and Grubhub that allows even more access to the necessary produce that the San Francisco community needs to address food insecurity.

Many returning volunteers enjoy working with the food bank because they can see the direct impact their time has on the local communities. Hand packing the produce that will be distributed to families in

need gives many people a sense of duty and achievement that they have done something good for their community. Through the collective effort of our volunteers, we were able to serve our community and gain a sense of pride for what we do every day. One volunteer expressed his wish to have more opportunities like this to serve his community, and through this event, he was able to feel a sense of duty that he wishes to carry on to future events.

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