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Spline Land Plugin For 3dmax




Installation SplineLand can be installed into Autodesk 3ds Max by following the following steps: 1. First, install the Autodesk Plugin Manager by searching for “Autodesk Plugin Manager” in the Autodesk 3ds Max Add-Ons menu. 2. Open the Plugin Manager. 3. Click on “Manage Plugins.” 4. Find SplineLand in the search box and click “Install.” 5. Then go back to the Plugin Manager and click on “Register.” 6. Go back to the Plugin Manager and select the “Plugins” tab. 7. Select “Set Status to Active.” 8. Click on “OK” to close the Plugin Manager. 9. To be able to start the plugin, open “Preferences” by clicking on the “i” icon on the top bar. 10. Go to the “Plugins” tab and select the “SplineLand” plug-in from the drop-down menu. 11. Click on “OK” to close the preferences window. 12. Start SplineLand from the Add-Ons menu. How to The SplineLand plugin is an easy and powerful plugin for creating topographically accurate and detailed terrain models. It generates these models from a set of pre-planned splines with various functions and options to control the final model. Figure 1. SplineLand dialog SplineLand includes an easy-to-use dialog (Figure 1) that helps to create a set of splines to use with the plugin. Figure 2. Spline view Splines are created in the “Spline View”, as shown in Figure 2. Splines are displayed as straight lines, with each spline as a single line segment with a vertex and a color. When different splines are connected with each other, they are connected by dots. Different splines can be in different colors. The color of each vertex, vertex position, and orientation is controlled in the Properties window. The line segments can be selected and edited by the user. The splines can be modified by using the Properties window. Here, the user can modify the number of vertices, number of points, vertex



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Spline Land Plugin For 3dmax

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