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SF YAD sings, dances and acts for fundraiser

On Mar 25th, San Francisco Young Adult Division (SF YAD) held “A New Beginning” 2018 Fundraising Concert at San Bao Temple (1750 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco), where an estimated crowd of 100 people - devotees, friends and families came to support.

The event was graced by the presence of several VIPs: Interim Rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church - Reverend Stacey Grossman, American Buddhist Cultural Society (Fremont) - Director Venerable Chueh Lin, SF YAD’s Advising Venerable - Venerable Miao Zhong, Buddha’s Light International Association San Francisco Chapter President Katy Hsu, Vice President Gladys Cheng, Advisor Amy Chuang and 11 sub-chapter presidents and vice-presidents.

“A New Beginning” was chosen as the concert theme to symbolize SF YAD’s journey, where its fledgling members will be writing the next chapter, while not forgetting to celebrate the accomplishments of those who made SF YAD what it is today.

The concert was lined up with a variety of performances, ranging from song and dance, live band, stand-up comedy and a skit that depicted Prince Siddhartha’s journey in renouncing his laity. They incorporated the dharma of Humanistic Buddhism through entertainment and educational value to the audience. Everyone enjoyed the show as the main shrine echoed with cheers and laughter.

Funds raised from the concert will go towards travelling expenses for the 2018 International Buddha’s Light Young Adult Conference, where it is being hosted at Fo Guang Shan in Taiwan. This visit is a fantastic opportunity for YAD members to practice and expand their knowledge about Buddhism and the world we live in.

For more pictures, visit our Facebook photo album.

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