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Durian Party 2019/07/20

[Crack open the spiky shell,

Welcome the foul smell;

Deceptive look don't be scared,

Creamy taste best to be shared.]

Last Saturday we gathered together to share durians and met some new friends. Thanks Kee for hosting this event as we know not everyone can handle the smell.

The durian tastes like creamy ice cream and really cools down the hot summer. Participants shared with their durian stories, and taught each other on recognizing the best durian named 'Black Thorn' in Malaysia.

Some people discovered they are big fan of durian while others really don't like the smell of it. Luckily we have other fruits and food prepared! Vicky brought her home made curry and it was swept up almost immediately.

After eating durian, we had barley drink, which Kee explained the effect of

drinking barley drink after eating durian is a balance of the yin and yang.

Durian tastes good and may us gather again!

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