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Hiking on Angel Island

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

On October 13th, SFYAD held a hiking event out to Angel Island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. Because the event was held on the weekend of the Chinese Double Ninth Festival, SFYAD chose to visit Angel Island, where the history of struggling Chinese immigrants are recorded. The event was both the perfect getaway from the industrial metropolis and a way for participants to reflect on and learn about their heritage. A way for the current generation to learn about the hardships of their ancestors.

Angel Island was used as a transit point for immigrants from the west to enter the United States in the early 19th century. The immigration detention center on the island has examined and detained about one million new immigrants, most of them from coastal China. Due to the passing of the Chinese Exclusion Act, the newly detained immigrants on the island were deprived of liberty, placed in uncomfortable living spaces, and exposed to mental torture and isolation. From the explanations of the park administrators, the on-the-spot visits, and the poems that were left on the wall, the group found themselves emotional as they began to understand more.

On the return boat, everyone shared their feelings about their day on Angel Island. There were mentions that the purpose of immigration in the past was to find a better life, and this purpose also brought about various behaviors. Some people risked smuggling, some chose to discriminate, and some chose to become volunteers. The purpose of the intention itself is not good or bad, however, it is the final act that brings about the difference between the good and the bad. Young people tell their own experiences, to make behaviors that are beneficial to society, to cultivate empathy, to learn to empathize, to correctly judge and make behaviors that have a positive impact on society.

舊金山青年重陽登高 天使島緬懷先人





10/3 舊金山佛光青年分團於舊金山灣區天使島舉辦重陽登高活動,共14位青年朋友們參加。大衆登高健行遠離城市煩囂,也參訪了島上記錄早期管理和審查新移民的博物館,緬懷先人的艱苦。位於舊金山灣的天使島在19世紀前期作爲懷揣美國夢的移民們從西岸進入美國的中轉站,島上的移民羈留所曾審查、拘留約一百萬新移民,其中大部分是來自中國沿海地區。由於當時《排華法案》的通過,島上被羈留的新移民們飽受從身體上被剝奪自由、住宿伙食不適,到精神上被歧視、隔離帶來的折磨。參訪后,青年們結合自身經歷,談及開始的意圖與行爲導致結果好壞等因緣法。青年還體會到應以同理心與換位思考,做出更多對社會有正向影響的行爲。

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