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Dharma Day Celebration

As part of the Dharma Day/Buddha Enlightenment Celebrations, FGS San Bao Temple is offering Laba Porridge on Jan 17th (Sun) to temple devotees and BLIA members.

For the collection, the temple would require your cooperation on the following steps:

  1. Follow the prevention measures required for entry into the temple

  2. Location and Date of Distribution: San Bao Temple Parking Lot on Jan 17th 12pm - 1pm

  3. Please fill in the google form by Jan 4th. If you are unable to go out and require assistance for the collection, please indicate in the registration form.

Google Form Link:


Story Behind La Ba Porridge

Prior to attaining enlightenment, the Buddha undertook 6 years of ascetic practice but failed to achieve awakening, hence he decided to give up on this path of austerities. Upon reaching the banks of River Neranjara, due to long bouts of extreme hunger, the emaciated Buddha fainted and fell onto the ground. Fortunately, a shepherd lady happened to pass by and offered the Buddha a bowl of milk-rice. With this nourishment, the Buddha gradually recuperated his strength and returned to Mount Gaya, where he meditated on the diamond throne under a Bodhi tree and vowed never to leave until he attained enlightenment. Under a starry night on December 8th of Lunar Calendar, the Buddha became enlightened, and therefore this day is also known as the “Buddha’s Enlightenment Day”. Thus every year, on the eighth day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar or Laba Day, buddhist temples would usually prepare Laba Porridge. The dish is also known as “Buddha’s Porridge”, tracing its origins from the story of the milk-rice offered by the shepherd lady to the Buddha.

Consisting of 5 different grains, various beans, and nuts, Laba Porridge is offered to the Buddhas and the masses. In the past, people believed that eating Laba Porridge brings peace and wisdom. Hence, they would visit the temple and have a bowl of Laba Porridge on Laba Day. It has since become a tradition to make Laba Porridge on this very day.

Image Source: Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum (link)

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