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Giving Back with an Impact: SFYAD Volunteers at the Local Food Bank

On November 2nd, SFYAD had the opportunity to volunteer at the SF Marin Food Bank and help sort out food and produce for families in need. This is their 7th year volunteering at the local warehouse to help service 210,000 families that rely on this food bank for fresh produce. In the short two hours that SFYAD worked, 20 members and friends helped to sort and pack over 800 boxes of food and produce to be distributed to pantries and soup kitchens all over the Bay Area.

The San Francisco Marin Food Bank was established in 1987 with its core mission to end widespread hunger in San Francisco and Marin. They started off by hosting food pantries every week and now serve over 32,000 families every week, as well as supply food to soup kitchens and schools.

Many of the returning volunteers enjoy working with the food bank because they can see what the impact of their time has on the local communities. Directly packaging the foods that will be distributed to families in need gives many people a sense of duty and achievement that they had done something good for their community.

Working in an assembly-line fashion, we collectively helped package over 800 boxes of produce to be distributed to local families and communities in need. Through the collective effort of our volunteers, we were able to serve our community and gain a sense of pride for what we do every day. One volunteer expressed his wish to have more opportunities like this to serve his community, and through this event, he was able to feel a sense of duty that we wish to carry on to future events.

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