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One kind gesture of sharing brings you good affinity with others for ages to come!

Sharing. What comes to your mind as you read the word "Sharing"? Do we share material objects such as food, kitchenware, office supplies, or money with others? When we think of sharing, we normally think of sharing things we could see, hear, smell, taste, touch, or think about. They include money, music, aromas from flowers, food, or conceptual ideas. Other than these things, we could also share our experiences from our lives and share our affinity. We could also share our sincerity through these six dimensions of sharing. For example, we could build affinities through sharing music or food. Through the enjoyment of food, one gains a new friend, a new companion, a new affinity. This lasts much more than sharing food solely for the enjoyment of taste. If sharing our sincerity brings us good affinity with people for a very long time, what could we use to build that affinity?

We could be kind through these six dimensions! With a compassionate heart that accepts anyone who comes to you, people will naturally share and open up to you. With a kind and joyous ear that listens to others and hear their hearts speak instead of their mouth, you share your compassion and kindness with them. With a kind spirit, the aura around you is warm, and people can feel your sincerity and courage. With your kind words, people can be touched by your words and feel connected with you and at peace. With an upright character, people trust your actions and become confident themselves too. With wisdom, people naturally draw towards you and become at ease.

I'd like to share how sharing food has brought an entire group to start sharing their food and experiences with people. In orchestra practice where people don't talk or mingle during breaks, the silence is deafening to the ears. One day, I decided to bake for the entire orchestra. Coincidentally, it was also the Mid-Autumn Day as well. Mid-Autumn Festival is the festival of harvest, family gathering, hard work, and gratitude!

Hence, I baked mooncakes for everyone, sixteen mooncakes in total. During break time, I shared the mooncakes with everyone, and they loved the mooncake. As people were standing and eating at the same time, many started to make conversations. People talked about how they were doing during this stressful period of time, and new things they started. It feels like people started to open up more through food. Everyone was open about themselves and shared how they overcame many challenges. Since then, people started to bring desserts to rehearsal, and many started to talk even more during break time, sharing new recipes and plans for the weekends or the next few weeks or days. It seemed as though this kind gesture of sharing food and the joy of baking with everyone brought people closer. Unknowingly, we showed compassion withing our group members through our six senses. These six senses emit bright light, just as the full moon emitted the warm and bright light on that day.

It is through such subtle actions that people will naturally draw closer to you. It is not the theory or concepts you tell them, but the experience of the concept you give them through everyday mundane things like eating. There's a saying that if you have the Four Immeasurable Minds, you will not make any enemies; the root is being compassionate and kind! A simple but true conversation may lead them to realize the purity of life itself. Therefore, do not underestimate the power of sharing even the smallest of things!

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