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SFYAD celebrated Earth Day 2021 with 7-day eco challenge

In the spirit of environmental and spiritual preservation, the event engaged youths to take on the responsibility to support world climate conservation and personal self-care by transforming mundane daily routines into actions that would have lasting impact on the precious communities we all share on this planet.

The activities ranged from reducing water, paper & power usage, switching to eco-friendly products, donating used clothes, walking instead of driving, exercising daily, prioritizing vegetarian or plant-rich diet to spiritual pursuits like meditation, chanting and Dedication of Merits before meals.

14 youths answered the call with 197 activities recorded over a 7-day period leading up to the Earth Day on April 22. They have gathered for a virtual lunch on April 25 to share their challenges, and exchanged tips & insights learned through the movement. Many have experienced various levels of changes to their lives that would form a springboard to continue practicing eco and spiritual preservations long past the Earth Day. Ceci in particular shared her crowd-enlightening experience of starting a daily (20 consecutive minutes!) hula hoop exercise while watching K-drama, as opposed to sitting on the couch prior the challenge!

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