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SFYAD Radio Station—D’Tunes in the House: Coming soon!

During the recent COVID-19 epidemic, everyone can only stay home due to shelter-in-place measures. Many people start to be creative at home, such as playing music and even singing to deliver blessings to people. This idea has brought SFYAD some inspirations. In early June, SFYAD thought of hosting a music platform "SFYAD Radio Station—D’Tunes in the House" in the form of an online band.

At first, we named our program D’Tunes in the House because “DTunes” represent Dharma Tunes, and we hope it can deliver Dharma to your house physically and spiritually. Moreover, House is a space where people can listen or watch music videos in this situation. It is also a place of refuge or a place we turn to in times like this.

Our project hopes to use music to connect the Dharma with people and encourage people to practice the Three Acts of Goodness and Four Givings through music. We chose music as it connects people through the messages and intentions contained in the lyrics and music. Furthermore, it also allows us to practice compassion through listening to music with the right attitude and mindfulness; both performers and listeners can also practice this. We encourage everyone to listen to music mindfully and find the joy of Chan, pass down Venerable Master Hsing Yun teachings, and propagate the Dharma through music and deliver the Three Acts of Goodness and Four Givings to the 5 continents.

We plan to have a long-term goal for this project, and the theme will change for every episode. Our first theme is “Song of Hope”. For this, we will collaborate with the SFYAD personal notes/letters event’s team to let everyone have a platform to write personal wishes, notes, and letters based on Dharma words from Venerable Master Hsing Yun. We want to dedicate these letters to elders, families and friends, or strangers through a music video. We will also invite everyone to record themselves singing to some set songs and be part of the music video.

At the end of June, we produced a short promotional video regarding the songs we will be singing and the preparation work behind the video. Our first complete work will be officially launched in mid-July. So, stay tuned and hope everyone can enjoy our production!

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