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SFYAD Winter Clothing Drive Turns 5! 舊金山青年寒冬送暖募冬衣

In order to aid low-income and families in need receive necessary clothing for the winter season, SFYAD hosted its annual Winter Clothing Drive at the end of the year, where devotees donated their new or mildly-used clothing. Under the guidance of the president of SFYAD, Selene Chew, and the event organizer, Benson Kwek, 26 volunteers and friends came to San Bao Temple on 28th December to support the event by helping SFYAD to sort the clothing. After sorting, the clothing was delivered to St Anthony’s Foundation.

St Anthony’s Foundation is a charity organization in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Free Clothing Project collects lightly used clothes from the society, sort the clothing, and open for those in need to choose their clothing from a store-like environment, emulating the shopping experience. The winter clothing drive is in its fifth year and has received warm responses from the devotees and residents. SFYAD has collected over 1500 pieces of clothing, including coats, jackets, scarves, hats, socks, pants, and blanket in 75 large bags.

Not only do the participants realized that a piece of clothing, while viewed as "trash" to one could be a treasure for another person, at the same time learned more about "giving" - giving confidence, joy, hope, and convenience. Venerable Miao Zhong, in her closing speech, encouraged everyone to do their best to bring about positive changes to society, and that giving and receiving are the same.

舊金山佛光青年分團在歲末舉辦年度「愛心冬衣募捐活動」,向大眾募集新或輕度使用的衣物,並由青年團團長Selene Chew和召集人Benson Kwek的帶領下, 於12月28日,26位青年義工及家人到道場幫忙整理冬衣,捐贈到聖安東尼基金會(St Anthony Foundation),讓低收入家庭能夠獲得所需衣物過冬。



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